Partners Of The Brickhouse Grill


Moon Shadow Herb Farm

Our farm has been seriously researching Structured Water™. It is going to be an important part of our growing future. All of our planting from here forward will be watered with this beautiful water system. We are bringing the best we can find to our gardens. Visit website here.

The magnitude of what this water can do to help our environment and our health has inspired us to be distributors of the "Natural Action Technology" water systems. Now anyone can enjoy the benefits of this Structured Water™ .  Click here to learn about Structured Water™ . And look for the different structuring products soon-  in our online store.


Hope Hill Lavender Farm

Hope Hill Lavender Farm is owned by Wendy and Troy Jochems who purchased the farm in 2004. We took on the task of creating our own mark on the farm which was an established tree farm at time of purchase. Wendy's long time passion for gardening and love of lavender and Troy's wants to create something more organically sustainable, lavender became the most obvious choice.

After some research into different species four were chosen Provence, Grosso, Hidcote and Munstead. The first planting of 1600 plants took place in 2011. Hope Hill Lavender Farm is Veteran owned "Semper Fi". And we strive to use 100% American made materials in all our products. Visit site here.



Herring's Green Grass Farm

We have a small farm that is dedicated to growing food in an environmentally responsible way. We seek to give our animals sunlight, exercise, fresh green pasture, and locally raised all natural grain. Each day our chickens are moved to fresh pasture, and they very quickly roam around the pen getting their fill of grass, bugs, and seeds. 

Turkeys and pigs are also raised outside on pasture, but they are protected and contained with a portable electric-net fence.  They are also given shade/shelter and lots of room to roam.  The turkeys and pigs are moved every 3-5 days, depending on their utilization of the range. Visit website here.



Stein's Farm Market

We are a Century Farm. The Farm has been in the Stein Family for over 100 years and for many generations! The farm is now owned by Joshua and Jacob Stein, brothers, who are equal partners. We hope you will continue to support our Family Farm and all your Local businesses. Thank you for your continued support. Visit our Facebook page here.



Grateful Acres Farm

Grateful Acres is a small vegetable farm located at the base of Hawk Mt. We offer in season fruits and vegetables available as a CSA or at our Markets. Visit our Facebook page here.